Unimen Characters

Chris is the leader of the Unimen. To his usual life, he was called Chris, but in his hero work, he was called Kowodocs.

Before he even was a leader, Kowodocs was one of the greatest gamers in the game Nova Prime; the biggest and famous RPG and VR game in history. He was a solo gamer whose skills earned him the legendary Hacker Dagger; the most powerful tool in Nova Prime, able to literally hack anyone’s character in both game and real life. The Hacker Dagger was incredibly rare, as only one exists in the whole game, and anyone who first touched it, was allowed it’s legendary powers. Whenever Chris was away from the dagger, it would automatically glitch into his hands for him to use at the moment.

When Alan, Agrios and Algar were junping through time in the first story, they landed in the technological world and were greeted by a biker gang. They were about to have them, when Kowodocs appeared into the sky in a blaze of fire. While Agrios and Algar are in shock with an unconscious sorcerer, Kowodocs was having one of the greatest times of his life; raining fire like no body cared. In the process of reaching his base with his giant bat-mobile (which didn’t seem to satisfy Agrios and Algar’s scared state), Kowodocs talked to them as of they were usual newbies he met. But when he saw Alan, the sorcerer, he escaped out of the virtual realm with the help of Alan’s immortality.

When he came into the real world, his body in the gamer chair was unconscious while his mind was free. Then, he met the tech twins, James and Alice

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