This amazing hero team is divided into five different sections making up the team: Gen 1 (Ultra Rangers), Gen 2, Gen 3 (Mutants), Gen 4 (NP or Non-powered), and Gen 5. This hero team is meant to be a school, where a group of students form into the next heroes as their teachers have passed the duty. As their saying is, ‘Each team teaches the next generation; the next heroes to come’. Through the cycle of heroes, the generations managed to lead 5 different teams over the course of 10 years.

Gen 1 (The Ultra Rangers)

This hero team was the very first to be assembled. They were a group of 8, formed by a family of 4, a stranger, and 3 friends (Two of which are cousins). The first Ultra Ranger is a hero known as Master Ninja, or James Block. James had 3 sons, Luke, Benjamin and Arnold, who all became heroes called Molten (elemental controller), Animo (animal-themed hero), and Captain Power (a guy with literally all the powers in the known world).

Following from the very first story, the Blocks were going on a trip to the bank to withdraw money, when all of a sudden, a humanoid beast appears with a monster of sorts. James tells he sons to run, while he as well escapes. Suddenly, out of the blue, a ninja-like character is rising and defeats the monsters Seeing a nearby hardware store, Arnold runs in to grab anything he can fight with, but when the beast enters and confronts Arnold, he is forced into the nature part of the store and collapses on a rock. As he tries to run, a gem in the rock begins to glow and he is turned into a silver-armored hero. As he tries and learns these new abilities, he accidentally defeated the beast and his minions are forced to evacuate the area. When he went outside (deformed), he saw the ninja and is surprised to know when the ninja tells him he’s James.

After the whole battle, the family encounters other strange things and Luke and Benjamin, the two older brothers, are discovered to be bonded with the gems as well. Later on, they find Matthew, who at the time was held captive, to be the hero known as Electro Charge. When the enemy is finally defeated at the moment, the 5 settle as a normal family with Matthew being the sons’ chemistry teacher. Later on at a camping trip, Luke, Benjamin and Arnold discover 3 friends, Benjamin, Tadashi and Hiro, who are secretly known as Darkwing, Fireblade and Waterblade.

When the Block family, Matthew, and the three friends regain position for heroes, Arnold’s gem starts corrupting and he is forced to produce the next generation, starting with the leader, Anakin Smith.

Gen 2

When former hero leader Arnold Block was forced to resort to resign his hero duty, newcomer Anakin Smith is given the opportunity to become leader of Gen 2.

Anakin might be a leader, but his history is dark. When his father, Ranger enemy Doomster, planned on bringing back an evil spirit, Anakin knew this was a dangerous act so he fought his father. He fought hard, but he lost both his arms to his father’s swords. As a weakened teenager, he came to Arnold seeking help. When Arnold heard about this, he said that Anakin fought hard to protect millions of innocent lives, and so he made Anakin the new leader of Gen 2 and gave him his new name: Nightsabre. Arnold also gifted him two mechanical arms that worked as though they were the real thing.

In gratitude, Anakin pledged his loyalty to Arnold and assembled a group of 4 people to become the Gen 2; Lukas Johnson (Hero), Carl Carter (Magic man), and Dash and Speedy. Together they fought Doomster. When it was the time for a new generation, Anakin sent himself looking for candidates to assemble.

Gen 3 (Mutants)

As the Gen 3 assembled, Gen 2 became teachers for the new heroes to make the next line in heroism, and the group of Gen 3 began to grow when Anakin found people, people whose genetics are different from others. As all the members of this team are super-powered humans, they were called ‘The Mutants’. Anakin had found 5 perfect people for Gen 3, as he did for Gen 2; Adrien Stones (Tiger), Kyle Pike (Echo), Harry Madison (Skull), Shelly Everly (Techa) and Jasper Gard