About Me

Hello, I am Aidan R. and I am a writer with amazing stories. Many stories as well, such as the Generations, Unimen, Warriors for Dirk, and the Riftscars. I also make solo characters, such as the Conjurer and the MV. In addition, I also make fan-fictional characters such as Jin Zhet from Star Wars, Marcus Jones from Harry Potter, and Justin Stones from Pokėmon.

How it all started:

In 2019, I was watching a series called Power Rangers: Dino Charge. While I watched it, it got me thinking. The show was really good, but I can just see my own made characters upstage and being awesome.

At first, I always wanted to be a filmmaker where people could see the characters in action, but I was still young, so instead of making movies, I wanted to be a writer where my stories are scripts to become a movie. I went into writing, but I later found out I loved to write. Even at a random moment, when I was playing a small game, I was thinking too much about a character so I just forced myself to make a long, detailed story.

I loved writing so much, that I became a writer. I now had a goal: To be a famous writer, and a really famous one, not just a simple Mark Twain, whose stories people know are classics, but rarely heard of him. I always wanted me and my stories to be famous like J.K. Rowling and Stan Lee, where all you have to do is just say a word from the story and they remember the writer and the story. With that goal in mind, he headed on an amazing journey to become a famous author, whose hope in his stories can become famous movies.